Family Reunion

So tonight’s first GET REAL mini-session got about as real as it could get. In a fantastic turn of events, my neighbors grandma had JUST arrived from Mexico, and they were having a family reunion! There was family from Chicago, and a backyard just full of life, love and sensational grilling. Considering the cause for…

All in the Family

There’s a woman on my street that I have come to know. She’s dear, and real, and dedicated. Her situation is complicated, and blended, and she does what she thinks is best so that her family unit can be supported, and celebrated. Blended families might be a tough thing, there might be times when they…

Jazariah is Four

Big girl turned four. She seemed happy to be surrounded by her friends, yet nothing brightened her smile like being in her Mother’s arms. Remember, Moms, our love and attitudes can make or break our children’s spirits. What an awesome responsibility and privilege!    

Roosevelt Park Neighborhood

A throw back to summer. Our neighborhood, functioning like an old school neighborhood. So there are some benefits to having detached garages, front porches, and no front yard! Thanking God for the little annoyances that are in the end, blessings!


Answered prayer isn’t always easy to see. Sometimes it is.


Sometimes you get a glimpse of what it actually feels like to love your neighbor as yourself. It’s a strange thought, that you could love someone else’s children as much as you love your own, but if you let them in, it can happen…Happy 2nd Birthday, Alejandro!