Sweet Arwen

When Mack’s K-1 teacher asks for photos of her daughter’s family, you do NOT say no. This special woman, she loves my child, knows his incredible strengths and complicated weaknesses and pours patient love and the truth of Christ into him, and for her, I would do just about anything! An 8A beach shoot at PJ Hoffmaster,…

Ethan + Maggie

Sometimes it’s cold, and windy, and snowy, and the last thing you think anyone will be up for is a photo shoot. Time and time again, when people get brave and face the elements, we’re rewarded with beauty and enchantment. Brave the elements, people, brave the elements! 🙂

The Twins

Skip the anti-depressants and take these two little dumplings to the beach. It’s a guarantee…you will either feel exhillerated, or at the very least, you’ll be so busy that you will forget you were ever feeling down. 🙂