Blue House Bakery

I have a talented and beautiful friend named, Juli. She takes local organic ingredients and makes incredibly delicious cakes, cookies, and tasty treats! This post is for anyone that can’t seem to find gluten-free, dairy-free, no processed sugar alternatives for their birthday cakes, classroom treats, and personal indulgences. We couldn’t get enough of her dark…


Sometimes you get a glimpse of what it actually feels like to love your neighbor as yourself. It’s a strange thought, that you could love someone else’s children as much as you love your own, but if you let them in, it can happen…Happy 2nd Birthday, Alejandro!

Blandford Nature Center

If you are a Michigan native, you know that even when it’s in the single digits, it’s still possible to have a little outdoor fun! Here’s three cheers to the crunch of fresh snow, rabbit tracks, and little kid giggles!