Sweet Arwen

An 8A beach shoot at PJ Hoffmaster, and braving what looked like rain, we were blessed with this idealistic setting, placid waters, and only a few biting flies left over from the heavy morning rain showers. We walked and breathed deeply.

Summer Lovin

Last summer I had the honor of covering this b e a utiful wedding in a quaint little beach town north of New Buffalo. This outdoor wedding displayed the glory of the occasion in all its warm breezes, cascades of laughter, and a high level of frivolity. Thankful that God held me together for this…

Sugar and Spice

Taking advantage of this foggy weekend past, these sisters made the most of each moment. Their Momma was rolling solo, her hubby and mine on the Act Like Men Conference in Chicago. Thank you for coming out, Jill, aka Super Mom, hanging with you and your crew was a fantastic treat!

Ethan + Maggie

Sometimes it’s cold, and windy, and snowy, and the last thing you think anyone will be up for is a photo shoot. Time and time again, when people get brave and face the elements, we’re rewarded with beauty and enchantment. Brave┬áthe elements, people, brave the elements! ­čÖé