The Race.

The race. For some, it comes naturally. For others, it’s an activity of anxious butterflies and labored efforts. On this day, I watched my five-year old slump down just a little lower, and frown just a little sadder, every time an award was announced and he was not the recipient. This high level academic achiever…

A Birthday Lunch

On this crisp fall day, I spent time Downtown Grand Rapids with a dear friend and her daughter as they celebrated Christian’s 9th birthday. Love it when friends visit GR!

Blue House Bakery

I have a talented and beautiful friend named, Juli. She takes local organic ingredients and makes incredibly delicious cakes, cookies, and tasty treats! This post is for anyone that can’t seem to find gluten-free, dairy-free, no processed sugar alternatives for their birthday cakes, classroom treats, and personal indulgences. We couldn’t get enough of her dark…

Jazariah is Four

Big girl turned four. She seemed happy to be surrounded by her friends, yet nothing brightened her smile like being in her Mother’s arms. Remember, Moms, our love and attitudes can make or break our children’s spirits. What an awesome responsibility and privilege!    

Walter’s Anniversary Party

With so many people calling it quits, 60th wedding anniversaries begin to sound like miracles. Then when that couple, the ones that have been together for what seems like eternity, actually love each other…I mean deeply love each other, well, that’s definitely a good reason to celebrate!  Wonderful party,!

Roosevelt Park Neighborhood

A throw back to summer. Our neighborhood, functioning like an old school neighborhood. So there are some benefits to having detached garages, front porches, and no front yard! Thanking God for the little annoyances that are in the end, blessings!


When happy babies have happy birthdays, it can be nothing less than a happy occasion!