Spring Babies

I heart Spring! It’s my favorite season, hands down. I can always know as it nears our wedding anniversary, April 22nd, that those almost neon green buds will begin to literally pop from their branches, and the air will be sweet, dewy, intoxicating. Things are brand new. Alive! Babies. Unmarked by life, fragile, fresh, and breathtaking….

All in the Family

There’s a woman on my street that I have come to know. She’s dear, and real, and dedicated. Her situation is complicated, and blended, and she does what she thinks is best so that her family unit can be supported, and celebrated. Blended families might be a tough thing, there might be times when they…

A Birthday Lunch

On this crisp fall day, I spent time Downtown Grand Rapids with a dear friend and her daughter as they celebrated Christian’s 9th birthday. Love it when friends visit GR!

Juli + Ron

As we enter into a season of new marriage bonds and joyful festivities, I was recalling this special day back in 2013. Right now, this beautiful couple are a few months from having their first child. Life, in all its stages, is a beautiful thing.

Blue House Bakery

I have a talented and beautiful friend named, Juli. She takes local organic ingredients and makes incredibly delicious cakes, cookies, and tasty treats! This post is for anyone that can’t seem to find gluten-free, dairy-free, no processed sugar alternatives for their birthday cakes, classroom treats, and personal indulgences. We couldn’t get enough of her dark…

Just Perfect

This is the first of many cleft palate posts that will involve my beautiful middle child. I post these pictures as a reminder that even with ‘deformities’, there is perfection. We are all created by the Creator, and even our fingerprints and eyelashes tell of the intricate detail that was not spared in our design….

Where It Started

Once upon a time, I took a few pictures for work. Then I took too many pictures of my kids. Then one day, this adorable couple hired me for one of my first paid projects, their courthouse wedding. We scurried around this new and simple building, desperate for anything that resembled character, and I soon realized that it…

Happy Valentine’s Day, Logan!

  This Valentine’s Day I’d like to go back….WAY back. For Valentine’s Day this year I thought I would take it back to our honeymoon in CA. Wow. Our lives sure did look different then. Logan, remember when we hung out on the boat during the summers. Remember when we couldn’t remember the last time we…

Kentucky Picnic

Last summer we went to Kentucky to visit my brother, Seth, and his wife Chelsea. I could have moved. Lovely. Just lovely! Can’t wait to dig out some old picts of our hike!