All in the Family

There’s a woman on my street that I have come to know. She’s dear, and real, and dedicated. Her situation is complicated, and blended, and she does what she thinks is best so that her family unit can be supported, and celebrated. Blended families might be a tough thing, there might be times when they…

Juli + Ron

As we enter into a season of new marriage bonds and joyful festivities, I was recalling this special day back in 2013. Right now, this beautiful couple are a few months from having their first child. Life, in all its stages, is a beautiful thing.

Jazariah is Four

Big girl turned four. She seemed happy to be surrounded by her friends, yet nothing brightened her smile like being in her Mother’s arms. Remember, Moms, our love and attitudes can make or break our children’s spirits. What an awesome responsibility and privilege!    

Ethan + Maggie

Sometimes it’s cold, and windy, and snowy, and the last thing you think anyone will be up for is a photo shoot. Time and time again, when people get brave and face the elements, we’re rewarded with beauty and enchantment. Brave the elements, people, brave the elements! 🙂

Abby + Justin Isacson

I have a cousin. Her name is Abigail. She is a ray of sunshine. She lived with us during her freshman year in college, and we tried to bribe her to stay much MUCH longer. She’s the kind of girl, pure, lovely, and sweet…that girl that you think will never be able to find a…


Oh Freya! You baby maker, you! Folks, if you aren’t looking to add on to your family, stay away from this little one. She’s just as sweet and lovely as she looks, and may make you change your family planning! 😉

Walter’s Anniversary Party

With so many people calling it quits, 60th wedding anniversaries begin to sound like miracles. Then when that couple, the ones that have been together for what seems like eternity, actually love each other…I mean deeply love each other, well, that’s definitely a good reason to celebrate!  Wonderful party,!