Happy Valentine’s Day, Logan!

  This Valentine’s Day I’d like to go back….WAY back. For Valentine’s Day this year I thought I would take it back to our honeymoon in CA. Wow. Our lives sure did look different then. Logan, remember when we hung out on the boat during the summers. Remember when we couldn’t remember the last time we…

Kentucky Picnic

Last summer we went to Kentucky to visit my brother, Seth, and his wife Chelsea. I could have moved. Lovely. Just lovely! Can’t wait to dig out some old picts of our hike!

Jazariah is Four

Big girl turned four. She seemed happy to be surrounded by her friends, yet nothing brightened her smile like being in her Mother’s arms. Remember, Moms, our love and attitudes can make or break our children’s spirits. What an awesome responsibility and privilege!    

Roosevelt Park Neighborhood

A throw back to summer. Our neighborhood, functioning like an old school neighborhood. So there are some benefits to having detached garages, front porches, and no front yard! Thanking God for the little annoyances that are in the end, blessings!


Sometimes you get a glimpse of what it actually feels like to love your neighbor as yourself. It’s a strange thought, that you could love someone else’s children as much as you love your own, but if you let them in, it can happen…Happy 2nd Birthday, Alejandro!