Jazariah is Four

Big girl turned four. She seemed happy to be surrounded by her friends, yet nothing brightened her smile like being in her Mother’s arms. Remember, Moms, our love and attitudes can make or break our children’s spirits. What an awesome responsibility and privilege!    

The Dykema’s

A few days before our first night at our new church small group, we met up with one of the families for a photo session. Little did we know just how much we were going to love this little family!

The Twins

Skip the anti-depressants and take these two little dumplings to the beach. It’s a guarantee…you will either feel exhillerated, or at the very least, you’ll be so busy that you will forget you were ever feeling down. 🙂


Answered prayer isn’t always easy to see. Sometimes it is.

The Demland’s

Expect the unexpected. It might surpass your expectations. Our early AM photo session was perfected by an unexpected shower from the lawn sprinklers. It was bliss.

Todd + Adrienne

Dear Little Brother, Even though I know that I won’t be the baby anymore, I want you to know, I’m ok with that. I can’t wait for you to play with me, make me laugh, and hold my fingers. I will take care of you and love you. Now that you’re here, I won’t be…