Summer Lovin

Last summer I had the honor of covering this b e a utiful wedding in a quaint little beach town north of New Buffalo. This outdoor wedding displayed the glory of the occasion in all its warm breezes, cascades of laughter, and a high level of frivolity. Thankful that God held me together for this…

L + C

High 60’s. Partly sunny. Old Mission Peninsula, MI. Grand Traverse Bay. Forty-five of their closest friends and family. A mother and her daughter. A man becoming husband and father. A ceremony and cocktail hour overlooking the bay. A farm to table dinner. Sweet morsels hand made at a local bakery. No dancing. No DJ. Just conversation….

$50 GET REAL mini-sessions

Often I find myself in places and times and I say to myself, “Self, this would be SUCH a perfect time for a photo session.” Some incredible sunrise, or a fog that has rolled in over Lake Michigan; there are these displays of God’s awesome creation that just set your heart on fire with His majesty…

Juli + Ron

As we enter into a season of new marriage bonds and joyful festivities, I was recalling this special day back in 2013. Right now, this beautiful couple are a few months from having their first child. Life, in all its stages, is a beautiful thing.

Ethan + Maggie

Sometimes it’s cold, and windy, and snowy, and the last thing you think anyone will be up for is a photo shoot. Time and time again, when people get brave and face the elements, we’re rewarded with beauty and enchantment. Brave the elements, people, brave the elements! 🙂

Abby + Justin Isacson

I have a cousin. Her name is Abigail. She is a ray of sunshine. She lived with us during her freshman year in college, and we tried to bribe her to stay much MUCH longer. She’s the kind of girl, pure, lovely, and sweet…that girl that you think will never be able to find a…