Every Good and Perfect Gift

This day was sweet. The cry of a newborn that some thought might never be born, a child that might be born with serious defects and illness. His smooth entry into the world, and his perfect little body, and swoops of soft brown hair reminded us of God’s sovereignty. Whether he had been a baby stillborn, or whether he thrived, God is still in control. He still offers comfort in the crazy, and joy in our darkest moments. When you walk with Him, greet each sweet morning turning your eyes to His loving gaze and His capable arms, we can begin to see the beauty in His ways. We begin to understand the questions that every man and woman on earth ask. Those really REALLY hard questions. When we stop, and breathe, and sit with Him a while, we will see. This day, we found our grateful spirits overflowing. We see him, and we see Him.


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