It’s ok to not be good at everything

Not long ago I found it necessary to cross a bridge with photography. What was “popular”, what was “in demand” were photographers that would “pose” newborns. They would dress them up, roll them up in a fantastic ball, and say, “ta-da”, and 10% would get it right, and the other 90 would fail, miserably. No matter what occupation we find ourselves in it seems that there is always a nagging, or sometimes weighted feeling that we need to conform to what other people want from us. I found that to be a recipe for failure. Not only did I “try” to do what everyone else wanted me to do, I joined the 90% and failed horribly. I took a step back, realized I ADORE newborns, but found out I preferred them propped up in the arms of their parents, and wrapped up in simple clothes, blankets. I preferred to be hands off, rather than step in and mess everything up. This family has been a complete joy to work with. They were always patient with me, and trusted me. We’ve went through newborn pictures, birthday pictures, and then newborn pictures again. Thank you, guys, for letting me try, fail, and try again. 🙂

family2 flowerhug Daddyshand dashwalk side feet mommy

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  1. Kelly says:

    Love your style it’s so natural and catches real life moments . Don’t stop doing what you are doing , I love it! I can’t wait for you to capture our family moments soon !

    1. Thank you, Kelly! The struggle was real…and I completely appreciate your encouragement. I hoped that being honest might help other people as they search for their style/purpose in life. God gives us passions and desires and sometimes it’s possible to lose sight of them as we work hard to please others and do what the world thinks “makes sense”. I would love to do your family photos. Just let me know and we can get it on the calendar! 🙂

  2. Mom says:

    Dee, your pictures are Amazing! So impressed by your God given talents and heart! Mom

    1. Thank you, Mom! You’ve always been one of my biggest cheerleaders…I thank God that He gave me to you to train up and love!

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