I’m a hypocrite

I make it no secret that maternity shoots are not my favorite. I look around at the pictures on Pinterest and Facebook and I cringe. It’s not you, it’s me…I know. It’s weird that I feel that way. I suppose it’s just that so many of the photos feel so unnatural, so concocted. So when I do a maternity shoot, I have to evaluate it from another angle…just for sanity sake. What a new baby means is another chapter to someones story. It’s a climax of sorts, and it’s very deserving of all the attention that it gets, and some. It’s especially easy to see the significance through the eyes of brand new parents. There’s an enchanted glance, an anxiousness, a sense of awe and wonder, there are so many unknowns. THAT is beautiful, and if I can somehow capture that in a maternity shoot…I may have to reconsider my heretical view of them. 😉 This shoot was a joy, and I am so incredibly happy for the two of you! Thank you for the honor of watching your love for each other, and your adoration for this new life!

treelined classic parents move momma beach

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