Let’s hear it for the boys!


Any Momma with boys knows, they are fantastic! They think and they act, but mostly they act without thinking, yet no matter what, they are just FULL of life! Some boys are thoughtful, somber, encouraging, and unselfish. Some boys are charming, delightful, sensitive, and bold. These three boys were a solid mix of the many ways boys can be, and together, they will be able to take on anything. Today I saw seven year old twin brothers, Isaac and Lucas, nurturing, and being patient with, their little one year old brother, Evan. Ten minutes later they were charging the back weeded hill like a couple of courageous soldiers. For all that boys are, they are a gift, so when you get three of them, I guess that means you are one lucky Momma.
broholdtrio2trio hug isaac tickle slide slide2 mommytime2 hipstermom evanlegs

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Darlene Leveck says:

    More beautiful pics and such a great read! Blessings Dee!

  2. Heidi says:

    i could look at your pics all day 😀

  3. Holly says:

    you sure know how to make a mom of 3 boys feel pretty lucky. Adorable and precious pics

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