$50 GET REAL mini-sessions

GET REALOften I find myself in places and times and I say to myself, “Self, this would be SUCH a perfect time for a photo session.” Some incredible sunrise, or a fog that has rolled in over Lake Michigan; there are these displays of God’s awesome creation that just set your heart on fire with His majesty and awe. So, what if I could let all my friends and family know about these perfect photography moments, and how could I entice them to come out and join me?

Introducing, GET REAL mini-sessions! There’s countless reasons why this is going to be great, but let me give you a few:

-No Planning involved. Don’t worry about matching clothes, updated haircuts, or elaborate make-up. You can come straight from the gym, straight from breakfast, or in swimsuits or pajamas. It absolutely does not matter. If you’re kids aren’t dressed yet, maybe even let them dress themselves.

-Cranky Kids, no problem. We’ll be on location ‘somewhere’, so it should keep them from the typical photography breakdowns with requirements of rigidity and pose. Even if there are tears and/or laughter, all the better. Remember how life is RIGHT now. How it REALLY was. Trust me, I have three children under five. I know how hard and tiresome it gets with infants and toddlers. The best moments for us seem to be when we can look those seemingly frustrating traits in our children and just laugh. Remember, and laugh.

-A deal. I get it. I love a savings as much as the next girl! Normal sessions are $150, this will cost you $50, and will still include all of your edited digital files with full reproduction rights!

-Time. So who’s got the time for a photo session, and/or, what man doesn’t want the torture to end JUST A LITTLE BIT sooner?!?! Normal sessions run about 1-1.5hrs. Mini-sessions are only about 30-45minutes. You’ll be back in time for breakfast, or for a date night.

-Locations. Typically locations are going to be in the Greater Grand Rapids, and Grand Haven Lakeshore communities. Occasionally there will be some that pop up in Northern Michigan and in the Ann Arbor/ SE Michigan locations. Stay tuned…

Follow my blog, and be notified by email immediately when a GET REAL mini-session is posted. When you see one posted, TEXT ME, 616-970-3946. The first people to text and commit will be given the limited number of sessions. You can pay by cash or check at your time of arrival. LET’S DO THIS!

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