A Friday Night

Sometimes the week is long, and hard, and sleep depriving. Sometimes the little ones get scrapes, and boo boos, and illness. Sometimes Mom’s pretend that everything is ok, just so their child can feel safe, and loved. This Friday night, we celebrated family…and Mother’s. A mother that keeps it together, and gives every last ounce she has for her baby girl, even when neither child nor Mother got any real sleep the night before. A Mother-in-law who had had a long hard week, and yet toiled over the kitchen to make us all the best baked beans EVER, this incredible strawberry jello salad, and grilled burgers. She didn’t have to, but she did. This is what Mom’s do…at least the good ones. I know it’s a little early, but tonight, I just want to say, Happy Mother’s Day!





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  1. Janet Tinney says:

    Great Pictures Rachel. It is a blessing to see the precious children!

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