Critter Barn

Twenty-five years ago, a family started a fantastic journey. They started, Critter Barn. Today it is a rural gem, especially for many youngsters who never knew the difference between hay and straw, and who might not otherwise get a chance to hold a duckling, watch a nursing lamb with his mother, or tug their coats out of the mouths of those curiously adorable kids. So even though it was April 23rd, and snowing, this day was well worth the trip to Zeeland. Also, for anyone that’s keeping track, yes, this was another school field trip for Mack that I just HAD to go on. I think I’m probably covered for my parenting volunteer hours, and yet, my eyes are ever searching through take home notes for the next big excursion. As long as my five year old squeals with delight when I show up, I will do everything I can to be there. I know that one day, I will be that Mom whose child says, “Mom, can you maybe not go on this one this time?”critterbarn donkey ram chris sit babygoat smile duck2 duck feed wash horns

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  1. Jolene says:

    Love the Critter Barn. When my kids were small they would bring animals to their preschool. I also remember when you used to come to our farm with your sisters to spend the day.

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