Happy Valentine’s Day, Logan!


This Valentine’s Day I’d like to go back….WAY back. For Valentine’s Day this year I thought I would take it back to our honeymoon in CA. Wow. Our lives sure did look different then.

Logan, remember when we hung out on the boat during the summers. Remember when we couldn’t remember the last time we ate at home, and we knew every restaurant in the city. Remember when we packed up and left town, just because we had a long weekend and a hunger for some snowboarding. Remember when we found out we were pregnant with our third baby. Remember when we were so exhausted that we couldn’t recall what day of the week it was. Remember when we couldn’t remember the last time we went on a date, and we finally decided that it was back when our second child was still in diapers. Remember when being healthy was no longer a given, we learned it was a luxury, an honest to goodness divine blessing. Remember when God walked us through it all, we looked back, and could still laugh. Remember when you texted me yesterday, just to say you loved me.

I used to think our life was good, well…ok. We were “successful”, we were “free”. Then life became difficult and I saw what real success and freedom looked like. It looked like you, on your knees before our Heavenly Father, submitting to His will in your life. It was me, grabbing hold of our Father’s hand on days that I was an exhausted Mom that couldn’t catch my breath. It was us, dying to ourselves, our selfishness, our neediness, and serving each other during our hours of weakness. I thank God that we can walk each day arm in arm, charging towards our futures and celebrating all that God has done through our “remember whens”.

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